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EC BOX: Manufacturing Of Reliable Low Voltage Switchgear & Enclosures in India

Industrial enclosures help to prevent machines and wiring from direct contact with humans thereby reducing the risk of accidents or damage to humans. High-end state-of-the-art technology is required to manufacture these cabinets to provide maximum strength and protection. Critical components fitted inside machines needs good quality cabinets for longer life and reduce production cost. This is why machine manufacturers are looking for reliable industrial enclosure manufacturers who have state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and can offer high-quality products with better aesthetics.

EC BOX is one of India’s leading and reliable manufacturers of industrial enclosures. The company has an efficient designing and developing team that uses state-of-the-art technology to offer high-end products and services. The company has a huge customer base in almost every segment of the industry- Solar, Infra, steel, railways, power, cement, mining, chemicals, sugar, oil and gas, agriculture, automobiles and others.

The industrial enclosure industry is getting better with each passing year. A variety of applications demand different standard as well as customized enclosure sizes with different paint shades and cut outs. These cabinets are just like raw materials for panel builders. These cabinets are the base of the machinery and they are required in the very beginning of assembling and wiring. Therefore, they are looking out for standard enclosures that are ready to use, thereby reducing the overall delivery cycle time.

The need for protection of the workplace is increasing day by day. It has led to the adaptation of safety standards for machinery in the industry. For this very reason, good quality electrical enclosures play an important role in both industrial and residential applications. Customers are looking for consistency, modularity and flexibility in branded industrial enclosures that also comes with warranty, approval and certifications from the brand. EC BOX is providing all kinds of services that are necessary to develop a strong customer base both in India and globally. What's best is products developed by the company are not only augmented with high-end technology but are also super cost-effective.

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