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EC SS Boxes come with SS304 Grade in two variants.  IP 65 and IP 65 versions are welded and certified in CPRI. 


EC BOX electrical metal enclosure box, outdoor metal enclosure box, and wall-mounted enclosure boxes are predictable in quality, robust, and can be provided in 10 Various Sizes.


We can also offer you these Boxes with Acrylic / Glass Doors. If required odd sizes and higher IP clause protection up to IP 66, we can also provide these.

Stainless Steel Boxes

Applications: Food, Pharma & Process Industry

OEM & SPM - Food grinding, processing. Pharma process, closed-loop systems, clean room and outdoor harsh environment

  • Fabricated from 1.2/1.5 mm stainless steel sheet

  • The mounting Plate is made up of 2.0mm Galvanised steel SS grade 304

  • Foamed-in PU gasket

  • Box upto ECSS405020 is made up of 1.2 mm SS & above of 1. 5 MM SS.

  • 120 deg door open-able concealed hinge door with cam locking arrangement

Features & Technical Particulars

Dimensional Details

Stainless Steel Dimensions
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