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Frequently Asked Questions?

What materials are E.C. Box India Enclosures made from?

  • Fabricated using CRCA draw & G.I. quality sheet steel.

  • The door & Enclosure Body were manufactured using CRCA sheet steel.

  • Mounting Plate fabricated using G.I. Galvanized Iron. 


Which brand of sheet steel?

  • We are using TATA / JINDAL steel from authorized suppliers. If required, we will also give necessary test certificates & reports.


What are the different sizes and types of enclosures available?


Enclosure Box Size :

  • 50 standard variants Range : (Width x Height x Depth in mm) : 200 x 200 x 150 through 1200 x 1400 x 400

  • Starting from 200mm width x 200mm height x 150mm depth to 1200mm width x 1400mm height x 400 depth

Terminal Box Size :

  • ·24 standard variants Range : (W x H x D in mm) : 150 x 150 x 80 through 800 x 400 x 120

  • Starting from 150mm width x 150mm height x 80mm depth to 800mm width x 400mm height x 120 depth

Form 1 Enclosure Size :

  • 600mm width x 1800mm height x 400mm depth to 1200mm width x 2200mm height x 800mm depth

What are the thickness of enclosures available?

Enclosure Box Thickness :

  •  Body and Door: 1.2mm thickness up to 500 x 500 x 200 and 1.6 mm thickness beyond

  • Mounting Plate and Gland plate: 2 mm thickness

Terminal Box Thickness :

  • Full range – 1.2 mm thickness

Form 1 Enclosure Thickness :

  •   Structure fabricated from 1.6 mm CRCA – 7 fold frame/ back covers & side cover made up of 1.6 mm CRCA

  •  The door comprises a 2 mm CRCA standard Foamed-in PU gasket.

  •   Mounting plate 2mm thick G.I. as standard & 3mm thickness Powder Coated to RAL- 2000

  •  Plinth optional 100mm high fabricated from 2mm Cable entry provision given from the bottom as standard Foamed-in PU gasket.

Are E.C. Box India Enclosures compliant with industry standards and certifications?

  • C.E. marked certification / U.L. certification under process.


Do the enclosures have pre-drilled holes for mounting components?

  • 2 MM mounting plate available


Degree of Protection, Ingress Protection, IP Standard?

  • Available in IP65/ IP66

How are we achieving this? What s your gasket material?

  • Foamed-in PU gasket for superior and long-lasting ingress protection

  • The gland plate provided at the bottom for I.P. 65 Customized Solutions


Impact test?

  • IK10 protection


What is your powder coating/painting Process:

  • Nine tank process


What is your paint colour/shade?

  • Powder-coated paint finish Body - RAL 7035 Structure finish

  • Mounting plate - Electrogalvanized.


Can I customize an enclosure to fit specific components or requirements?

  • Ability to meet special requirements like non-standard sizes, colours, door configuration, and locking arrangement.


Are EC Box India Enclosures suitable for outdoor or harsh environments?

  • Yes with Canopy

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