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Enclosure Manufacturers in India for OEM panels

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Enclosure Manufacturers in India
Redefined for your Application

Enclosure Manufacturers in India, EC BOX INDIA has a tagline, Redefined for you Application; we started our company to provide electrical control & automation panel solution for all OEM applications.

The trend of foreign companies setting up their manufacturing base in India has increased daily. According to UNCTAD, India was the seventh-largest FDI recipient in the world in 2022. This shows that as geopolitical events transpire, India is emerging as a reliable alternate destination for manufacturers and supply chain diversification due to its considerable labor, consumer base, low operating costs, and linkages to important international markets.

To serve such international brands, we have collaborated and strategized our approach towards Standardization, Simplification and Systemization to serve them with our core competency.

EC BOX INDIA Mission is to simplify electrical control & automation panel solution for original equipment machine manufacturers. To handhold customers from the design stage to the final execution stage, we take end-to-end responsibility for design, Prototype, field test and mass production.

When growth happens in any part of the market, Application and segments, the mandate becomes Faster, Safer & Smarter. The reason in the EC BOX INDIA context is that electrifying the Industry can't wait.

Innovative Thinking starts with the Customer, his need, desire & problem. To support our Customer's projects completed on time with quality, we take full responsibility and develop checklists, systems and processes to design and execute the complete electrical control and automation panel's solution with a systemized, standardized and simplified approach.

Standard product group:

Following are the critical products under the standard product group.

1. Terminal Box

2. Electrical Metal Enclosure Boxes

3. SS Enclosure

4. Control Desk

5. FORM 1 Enclosure

6. FORM 2 to FORM 4B Enclosures

To know more about the solution, call us: +91 7305981811 or visit our website

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